VW Partner Program

Did you know? You may be eligible to receive $500 off the dealer invoice price on a new VW!

We’re delighted to call you our partner. And to prove it, we’re offering you and your family a special vehicle purchasing program. We’re extremely proud of our vehicles, and once you get behind the wheel of one, we’re confident you’ll feel the same way.

Who – All U.S. Full-time, direct employees and retirees of eligible VW Partner Program organizations. Your household members are also eligible! (proof of residence required)

What – You get $500 off the Dealer Invoice price. This offer is combinable with current incentive offers.†

When – Once you’ve printed your discount certificate, you have one full month to redeem! But don’t miss out on the current combinable offers.

Where – All VW Dealerships participate in the Partner Program. It’s your choice!

Why – This program was created to show our appreciation of your support and your continued contribution to our success.

VW Partner Program Details

1. Eligibility

All full-time, direct employees, and retirees of partner companies, members of partner organizations, and their respective household members can participate in the Volkswagen Partner Purchase Program. Employees must work at a U.S. location. Contract employees or employees of subsidiaries, unless otherwise agreed upon, are not eligible. If you have eligibility questions, please contact your benefits administrator.

2. How it Works

Present your personalized certificate to a participating U.S. Volkswagen Dealer. If you fail to present the certificate upfront, the Dealer is not required to honor the certificate. You must also present a valid driver’s license. In addition, employees of partner companies must present a current pay stub with the certificate, retirees of partner companies must present a retiree pension stub with the certificate, and members of partner organizations must provide proof of membership with the certificate. The Dealer will then validate eligibility and sell you an eligible vehicle at $500 below factory invoice price of that particular vehicle.1

3. Participating Dealers

Please verify that the Dealer is participating in the program, as it is voluntary. Participating Dealers will sell or lease the eligible vehicle and may offer you financing or leasing to be negotiated between you and the Dealer.

4. Financing

Sales under this program will be eligible for special leasing and financing terms to be determined by Volkswagen Credit. In general, eligible customers under this program will be offered special financing and leasing terms and approval criteria by Volkswagen Credit. Please ask the Dealer for VCI financing or leasing terms to learn if you qualify.

5. Parts and Accessories

The participating Dealer may sell you parts, accessories, finance and insurance products and other items as with any other retail purchaser. Participating Dealers may take vehicles in on trade and may acquire and dispose of such vehicles as in any normal retail transaction on such terms as they choose. All the transactions contemplated by this paragraph are strictly between you and your participating Dealer and are to be negotiated solely between you and the Dealer.

6. Vehicles Eligibility

Final vehicle availability is determined by the participating Dealers. Dealers are not required to sell you a vehicle from their stock or order bank if the vehicle is in short supply. Be advised that VWoA may from time to time restrict the availability of certain vehicles under this program. In such cases, VWoA will inform participating Dealers in advance, in writing, of the terms of such restrictions or incentives and the Dealer will comply with any such terms. Please see https://vwpartnerprogram.com for eligibility details.

7. Claims

VWoA has the right to audit all the records pertaining to this transaction. If VWoA finds that you violated any term or falsified any documentation of VWoA’s Partner Purchase Program, VWoA may cancel your privileges to acquire vehicles under any special VWoA programs and may, at its discretion, seek to recover any special benefits you received.

8. Final Decision

VWoA’s decision is final in all matters relating to this program. VWoA has the right to amend or cancel this program at any time for any reason.

9. Customer Contact

In becoming a Volkswagen customer under the terms of this program, you acknowledge that you will receive special communications (e.g. welcome kit and subscription to Das Auto Magazine). If you have any questions regarding our customer privacy policy and commitment, please refer to vw.com/privacy/.

10. Program Headquarters

If you have any other questions regarding the program, please contact Program Headquarters at 703.364.7910 or [email protected].


Is the Partner Purchase Program combinable with any other incentive offer?

Yes! The Partner Purchase Program is combinable with any current retail incentive offer available during the time of sale. If the VW dealership has a “better deal” than $500 below invoice, they can still use the Partner Certificate to offer an additional $500 off the final price.

Who do I contact to find out if my company is a participating partner? If my company is not involved in the Partner Purchase Program, how do I get us signed up?

To find out if your company is a participating partner, please search using the Participating Partner tool. If you are unable to find your company, feel free to contact Program Headquarters. If your company is not currently involved in the Partner Purchase Program, we will confirm its eligibility and provide the next steps for enrollment.

I know that my company is involved in the Partner Purchase Program, but I do not know my partner code. How do I get it?

Check your company’s internal Web site, if applicable, to see if our program information is posted. If not, contact your Human Resources department or Corporate Benefits department to obtain your partner code and/or contact Program Headquarters at [email protected] or 703.364.7910.

What if I try to get a certificate and it says my partner code has not been activated?

Contact your Human Resources department or Corporate Benefits department and ask them to please activate the partner code and/or contact Program Headquarters at [email protected] or 703.364.7910.

Is this program for vehicles other than Volkswagen models?

No. This program is for Volkswagen vehicles only.

How many new vehicles am I eligible to purchase or lease?

One vehicle per employee/household. If you would like to make a second purchase, please contact Program Headquarters at [email protected] to request approval.

What is the pricing calculation?

Purchase or lease a new, eligible Volkswagen model at Dealer Invoice less $500. Dealer will subtract all then-current incentives if any. Tax, title, and other required fees will be added. Please note that the destination charge, ad association fee, fuel tank charge, and port prep fee are all standard fees included in the Dealer Invoice price.

What model years are included in this offer?

New, unused vehicles are eligible. Final vehicle availability is determined by the participating Dealers. Dealers are not required to sell you a vehicle from their stock or order bank if the vehicle is in short supply. (See Program Details or program certificate for exclusions.)

Are any models ineligible under the program?

VWoA may restrict some vehicles from this program from time to time. The Dealer has final discretion. See Eligible Vehicles section for listing.

Is this program available in Canada?

No. This is a US program valid only at US Dealerships.

Who can I contact if I still have a question?

Please first refer to the program Web site at www.vwpartnerprogram.com or contact Program Headquarters at [email protected] or 703.364.7910.