Car-Buying Myths You Should Ignore

September 14th, 2018 by

If you’re looking for Volkswagen cars for sale, you should hurry over to our location to see our inventory of the latest VW models. When you do, we’ll talk to you about new Volkswagen car prices, features, fuel efficiency, and a whole lot more as we help you find the VW vehicle that’s best for you.

While we’re a reliable source for information, many drivers hear a lot of misleading tips when they’re looking for an automobile. One of the far-fetched car-buying tips we’ve ever heard is to avoid buying a red car because it will drive up your auto insurance premium. This is funny because the color of your car has no influence on the amount you pay for auto insurance whatsoever. In fact, your insurance provider won’t even ask you what color your car is unless your agent is engaging you in polite conversation.

Some drivers might advise you to shop for a new car over a holiday weekend so you’ll get a better deal. The logic here is that you’ll be one of just a few people at the dealership because everyone else will be out celebrating. Since salespeople will have few potential buyers to sell to, they’ll be more likely to offer you a discount, right? Wrong.

While many dealerships will run specials around select holidays, they’re not going to offer you a better deal based on the number of people who might be in their showroom. In fact, you might see a greater number of people visiting car dealerships over holiday weekends these days, which completely flies in the face of this long-standing myth.

If you want to learn more about the car-buying myths you should completely ignore, contact our VW dealership near Kirksville, MO. Whenever you’re searching for VW cars for sale, head over to Joe Machens Volkswagen to find a model you’ll love.

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