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July 17th, 2018 by

Are you in love with the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta? Do you have your eye on one of the vehicles in our pre-owned car inventory? Whether you buy a new or previously owned automobile, you’ll need to do certain things to get the most out of your experience as the owner of a VW vehicle. The number one thing you’ll need to do is keep up with the routine maintenance your car needs.

Just like we told you how you should prepare your automobile for summer in a previous blog post, we can tell you that sticking to your car’s routine maintenance schedule is the most effective way for you to ensure your vehicle operates properly. It’s also the smartest thing you can do to protect your automobile’s resale value.

With routine maintenance being so important to your ownership experience, we make it easy for you to save on the services your car needs by posting service specials on our website. To check out our current service coupons, click on the Specials tab above and then select Service & Parts Specials.

One of our most creative deals is our three percent x Age of Vehicle Special. With this deal, you’ll save three percent times the age of your vehicle on services performed in our VW service center, up to the lesser of 21 percent or $250. For example, since we’re in the 2018 model-year, you’ll save six percent on service if your current Volkswagen car is from the 2016 model-year.

Right now, you can save $10 on synthetic oil changes performed in our Volkswagen service center near Sedalia, MO. If you need new brake pads and rotors, you can redeem our coupon to save $30 when you bring your car into our VW dealership for service while our deal lasts.

We have even more service coupons you can redeem listed on our website. To learn more about our service specials, contact Joe Machens Volkswagen now!

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